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Quality Assurance Policy & Process
interior services in udaipur

Our Policy

Our policy incorporates formal procedures of implementation as well as ensuring the policy is carried through in our feasibility studies, detailed design work and on-site inspections. In essence, therefore, our quality control system is not a ‘bolt-on’ to our practice philosophy but integral to the whole design process.

Because “design is a verb and not just a noun”.

We are familiar and experienced with the processes of responsibilities of originating and innovating in design and the ultimate responsibilities we have as architects to the client and the end user irrespective of public or private sector projects.

Quality Assurance Standards

We do not believe it is necessary to apply all its criteria to a small practice such as ourselves where organisation, production of information, consultants and construction are not within one organisation. Our insistence on quality-excellence is inherent to the work we do and must be understood and adhered to by all parties for whom we work collaboratively. We vet and inspect all our consultants (Building Material, Structural, Civil, Interior, Furniture) alongside our contractors and their sub-contractors to ensure we are all working to achieve the same result.

Our policy is well-understood by all our employees, indeed it would be fair to say that it is already in-built in their ‘design-persona’ to enable them to become a member of staff at our practice. We review both on-going and completed projects every month to allow the continued sharing of information between designers and consultants. This always allows all members of staff to continue to develop their quality driven skills.

We pride ourselves greatly on our attention to detail, delivering quality and durable designs. Many of projects are via repeat clients who know we can deliver quality through design.

interior services in udaipur
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